Old City Capitol Hill Neighborhood Association

Neighborhood harmony is achieved through communication, understanding and work of residents and businesses

Holiday Tree Collection

Date: Tuesday, January 3, 2006 at 6:00 AM

Location: Old City

Voluntary/Cooperative Agreements
Voluntary/cooperative agreements are negotiated between the ABC establishments and third parties, which may include community groups, Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, (ANC), and groups of individuals. These voluntary/cooperative agreements are sometimes used to resolve disputes and/or protests or to facilitate the licensing process. A voluntary/cooperative agreement may cover a specific business practice or wide range of business operations.
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Voluntary License Agreement Search - Website
The Majestic 1368 H ST NE
Phish Tea 1335 H ST NE
Jumbo Liquors 1122 H ST NE
Me & My Super Market 1111 H ST NE
Convenience Mart 1101 H ST NE
Major's Carryout 714 H ST NE
H Street Liquor 303 H ST NE
DC Supermarket 539 8TH ST NE
Excello Liquors 419 13TH ST NE