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ANC6A Committee on Economic Development and Zoning
Cluck U has the right License per the Patrick Canavan, Director of the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs.

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Northeast Neighbors fight back!
The Linden Neighborhood Association hosted a meeting attended by approximately 100 residents and businesses to address the tragic murder in our community. more to be added

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The Linden Neighborhood Association celebrates The re-opening of the Atlas
For 29 years the members of the Linden Neighborhood Association have wanted the Atlas restored to a life inclusive of all in the H Street Community. LNA celebrates the reopening of a theatre that pre 1960 did not allow certain groups of people to attend its performances. Today anyone can come to the Atlas and we are proud of the collaboration with the H Street Community Development Corporation and the Government of the District of Columbia to make this historic event happen.

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Bundling H Street for Redevelopment
LNA looks forward to development of H Street, Benning Road and Florida Avenue, N.E. The current conditions of H Street is presented here.

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How the Atlas was restored
The Linden Neighborhood Association had many choices and opportunities to bring the Atlas to life again. We heard from many residents about the past conditions, the present and where they believed the future should take the community. We had the opportunity of bringing a skating rink, storage facility and other types of businesses. We supported a woman who came to us with a proposal and out of that grew the Atlas Performing Arts Center.

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