Old City Capitol Hill Neighborhood Association

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Holiday Tree Collection

Date: Tuesday, January 3, 2006 at 6:00 AM

Location: Old City

DC Department of Parks and Recreation
Sherwood Recreation Center - (Corner of 10th & G Street NE)
Fund of Sherwood Park
William Rumsey Aquatic Center - (635 North Carolina Ave. SE)
Capital Improvement Plan
Roofing Design - Plan View

Option 1 - Solid metal screen

Option 2 - Perforated metal screen

C Street Entrance

Option A - involves creating an entrance through the rear retaining wall (or improving the existing door) that leads to the patio area. A barrier (ornamental fencing, iron railing, etc) would separate the entrance from the patio area and would create an outdoor hallway to carry patrons to a newly created entrance to the building at what is now the community room. A camera and intercom system connected to either the pool manger's office or cashiers booth would allow access to be controlled at this point. Once inside, a new corridor would carry patrons to the front vestibule area. This new corridor would claim usable space from the current community room and would likely need to be fire rated.

Option B - utilizes the Alley on the west side of the building (the far alley from Eastern Market). Patrons would enter the patio area similar to option 1 but would be circulated through a door from the patio into the alleyway near the current chlorination and trash rooms. Patrons would then travel to the front of the building via a new sidewalk that would claim some of the existing landscaped area on the front patio and enter the building through the main entrance. Cameras would be placed in the alley for additional security. A curb would need to be installed in the alley to limit the travel of trash trucks that service the building in this area.